Tales of a Non-Missionary Missionary

Missionaries are an inspiring group of individuals.  There are countless tales of men and women who sacrificed all worldly comforts for the sake of ministry.  They’ve experienced heartache that very few of us can imagine.  Perils and enemy threats have pursued them in hopes of dashing out the light that they carry.  Yet these brave…… Continue reading Tales of a Non-Missionary Missionary


Lies about Guys: Modesty Edition

Modesty.  It’s an issue that is thousands of years old, yet we still don’t have everything figured out.  After all, it’s a touchy subject for many people.  Countless ladies have their opinion on what modesty should and shouldn’t be.  It’s a complicated business and a very worthwhile one at that. However, in this elaborate maze,…… Continue reading Lies about Guys: Modesty Edition